The best way to learn is through great examples. That goes for storytelling marketing as well. That’s why here, you’ll find the most powerful stories, told by the biggest and brightest brands.


Beautiful shots, a love story, oh and yes: Nathalie Portman. This latest ad of Dior has it all.

Absolut – One Night

Leave it to Absolut to show the history of our world in a beautifully crafted sixty second ad. But what does the history of our world have to do with Absolut? Like Absolut mentions: “Every moment that has shaped the world started with an idea. And now it’s your turn…”

Windex – The Story of Lucy

Many of the ads featured on this website are by brands like Apple, Dr. Dre or Nike. They have ‘cool’ products so it makes sense they can produce great ads about them. But what if your product is not as ‘cool’? Windex’ latest ad ‘The Story of Lucy’ shows that regardless of the product you’re producing, there’s always an emotional and impactful way to talk about it.

Apple – The Archives

Apple’s latest spot called ‘The Archives’ to promote iPhone 7 is a real beauty. It’s like Harry Potter meets iPhone 7 – a beautiful tech-fairytale in the making.

Equinox – The LGBTQ Alphabet

Because six letters will never be enough, Equinox teamed up with the LGBT Community Center and designed the LGBTQAlphabet together in honor of Pride month.

Apple – Your Phone / iPhone

It’s not always about craft or design. The best ideas are often very simple. Take a look at Apple’s latest spots that show the difference between your phone and an iPhone.

Introducing: Evaus – Unilever

Sometimes you need to trick your audience a little to really make them understand the greatness of your product. And that’s exactly what Unilever did with Suave. Or should I say: Evaus?

Sounds of Trauma – David Lynch Foundation

What we believe are ‘normal’ sounds, are not ‘normal’ to everyone, says this great ad by the David Lynch Foundation.

Not Special Needs – CoorDown

It’s time to ask yourself: what “special needs” does a person with Down syndrome really have?

1800 Tequila – Just Refined Enough

1800 Tequila is starting up the conversation about what real masculinity is. Is it just handsome men in suits seducing women, or is it maybe something else?