How A Small Business Can Quickly and Easily Grow Through Storytelling


Every week, I share my favorite stories with you – advertisements from brands all around the world that are true experts in storytelling. And while these stories provide you with great inspiration, they might also make you think that storytelling is about creating big and beautifully crafted spots. That’s not the case.

Storytelling is in everything: the design of your product, the interior of your store, the relationships with your customers – in everything. It’s about the complete experience that your customer has with your brand.

And make no mistake; storytelling is essential to the success of your business. Storytelling is what turns a small business into a great one.

So let’s see how you can quickly and easily grow your own business through storytelling.



Perception is everything.

Just last week, I had the pleasure of spending my Christmas holiday in sunny Dubai where I noticed that the hotel where I was staying used a little device to sprinkle a very specific scent around the halls close to the hotel rooms. It was the scent you smell when you enter a room that has just been cleaned. The perception of clean is just as important as the actual cleaning of the room.

Do something that will create the right impression of your product or service in the mind of your customer.



Make sure that even the simplest encounter with your brand is of value to your customer.

I love ad-man Rory Sutherland’s thought experiment on how we perceive our experience at restaurants: “Imagine a restaurant that serves Michelin-starred food, but actually where the restaurant smells of sewage and there’s human feces on the floor. The best thing you can then do there to create value is not actually improve the food still further, but to get rid of the smell and clean up the floor.”

Sometimes it’s not about improving the quality of your product, but rather the overall experience that people have with your brand that is most valuable to your customer. 



Do everything you can to make every aspect of your product or service remarkable.

Remarkable things will get remarked upon. 

To give you just a few examples of remarkable products that get noticed: a low-cost alternative to butter that’s called I can’t believe it’s not butter, a British couple that sells jars of fresh air at $115 per jar, a beer brand called ‘shower beer that’s made to be enjoyed in the shower, or a soy milk brand that doesn’t require refrigeration but can still be found between all the regular milk cartons.

If it’s weird – unusual – it will get noticed. Remarkable products stand out.



Do you have any other suggestions for small businesses to grow their business quickly and easily? Leave a comment! And if you found this article useful, I’d greatly appreciate it if you share it with your friends & colleagues.



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