Influencer Marketing at L’Oréal: Squad Goals and Storytelling

Storytelling is a very powerful way to tell the story of your brand – your story. But stories about you are most powerful (and credible) if they’re told by other people.

That’s why influencer marketing works. It’s about having people with an existing audience talk about your brand. Influencer marketing is advertising without advertising.

But if the influencer promotes the brand in a cheap way – if it clearly shows they’re just saying nice things because they’re getting paid for it – then the brand will suffer.

L’Oréal knows this. And they didn’t want their influencers to just say good things about their brand because they were getting money for it. So they took a different approach with their influencer marketing strategy.


Influencer marketing at L’Oréal

In the words of Adrien Koskas, general manager of L’Oréal Paris in the UK: “I don’t want to be like other brands where they try to use one influencer after the other for one launch or event – it just doesn’t seem very genuine and sincere.

To ensure their influencers appear genuine and sincere, they’ve set up a structural, official and long-term partnership with them. They’re called: ‘the beauty squad’.

The beauty squad exists of five well-known beauty bloggers that have a combined reach of 5.5 million people. Still, a squad of influencers doesn’t necessarily reflect sincerity and a real love for the brand. For that, you need authentic engagement. And L’Oréal has got that covered.



Image: Marketing Week’s article on L’Oréal’s influencer marketing strategy.


Involvement over content

L’Oréal involves the beauty squad as much as possible. They attend big events like the Paris Fashion Week, and continuously share their experiences. That way, L’Oréal’s audience gets a unique type of behind-the-scenes or front-row view that they’d would normally rarely get (like Burberry did via Snapchat).

And what makes it more authentic is that normally, influencers are bound to a ton of rules and regulations of what they can and cannot say. But this is not the case with the beauty squad. The beauty squad has full freedom in terms of editorial and what they produce and say. This means they might also talk about other brands, or be more critical sometimes, but it will also mean that these influencers get to express true, honest love for the brand.


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