The Masters of Christmas Storytelling: The 7 Greatest Christmas Adverts

People don’t buy products. They buy magic, feelings, emotions – stories. And if there’s one time in the year when the best stories come to life it’s during Christmas.

Now, Christmas might mean a different thing to different people, but everyone recognizes that warm, fuzzy, homey feeling that is Christmas.

At the end of each year, many brands step in to tell their very own Christmas tale. They do so because they know that when people love a story, our brains remember it better and with greater accuracyAnd everybody loves a good Christmas story.

Instead of boring product-focused commercials, brands use this joyful holiday to tell the greatest stories. Year in, year out. And while there are many great ads out there, there are only a few true masters in the art of Christmas storytelling.

So especially for you, I’ve put together the 7 greatest Christmas adverts of all time. I hope you enjoy them because ho ho ho-ly crap these ads are good (I’m so sorry… I had to…).



1. John Lewis 2016 – #BusterTheBoxer


John Lewis’ latest Christmas ad featuring Buster the Boxer is already a massive success. It came out just five days ago and has already racked up close to 16 million views.


2. Kate Spade – #missadventure

While John Lewis’ tale with Buster is incredibly touching, Kate Spade has taken a different approach. With Anna Kendrick playing the main role in this holiday tale, a hilarious advert is guaranteed.


3. John Lewis – Monty the Penguin

I know, I know, this list has already featured one John Lewis ad, but we can’t possibly skip this one. It’s a beautiful story of a young boy and his buddy, Monty the Penguin. The subtle ending of “Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of” seems to be the perfect ending to this well-crafted ad.


4. Sainsbury’s – Christmas is for sharing

This ad of Sainsbury’s was actually quite controversial when it came out two years ago. The ad tells the tale of two young soldiers on opposite sides of the battlefield, coming together in the spirit of Christmas. Some argued that the memory of World War I should never be used to sell products. Still, in my opinion it should be on this list because the cinematography is breathtaking and the message is a beautiful one: Christmas is for sharing.


5. Coca-Cola – Holidays are Coming

Watch this 30-second ad and tell me if this doesn’t get you excited for the holidays. This classic from Coca-Cola might not be most touching or masterfully crafted story on this list, but it definitely reflects the Christmas spirit.


6. Waitrose – Home for Christmas

This is the story of a Scandinavian robin flying across mountains and seas to come to the UK. Although I could have done without the ending “At Christmas, there’s nothing quite Waitrose”, it’s still a lovely advert.


7. EDEKA – #heimkommen

I dare you, watch this advert and try not to become emotional at the end. Can’t do it, huh? I just love this beautiful tale of supermarket EDEKA. And with over 50,000,000 views it’s also one of the most viewed adverts on this list.



It seems like supermarkets and their hashtag-titles are the true masters in the art of Christmas storytelling. Do you know any Christmas adverts that should definitely have been on this list? Leave a comment below or send me a tweet!


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