Beautiful shots, a love story, oh and yes: Nathalie Portman. This latest ad of Dior has it all.

Absolut – One Night

Leave it to Absolut to show the history of our world in a beautifully crafted sixty second ad. But what does the history of our world have to do with Absolut? Like Absolut mentions: “Every moment that has shaped the world started with an idea. And now it’s your turn…”

Windex – The Story of Lucy

Many of the ads featured on this website are by brands like Apple, Dr. Dre or Nike. They have ‘cool’ products so it makes sense they can produce great ads about them. But what if your product is not as ‘cool’? Windex’ latest ad ‘The Story of Lucy’ shows that regardless of the product you’re producing, there’s always an emotional and impactful way to talk about it.

Apple – The Archives

Apple’s latest spot called ‘The Archives’ to promote iPhone 7 is a real beauty. It’s like Harry Potter meets iPhone 7 – a beautiful tech-fairytale in the making.

Equinox – The LGBTQ Alphabet

Because six letters will never be enough, Equinox teamed up with the LGBT Community Center and designed the LGBTQAlphabet together in honor of Pride month.

Apple – Your Phone / iPhone

It’s not always about craft or design. The best ideas are often very simple. Take a look at Apple’s latest spots that show the difference between your phone and an iPhone.

Introducing: Evaus – Unilever

Sometimes you need to trick your audience a little to really make them understand the greatness of your product. And that’s exactly what Unilever did with Suave. Or should I say: Evaus?

Sounds of Trauma – David Lynch Foundation

What we believe are ‘normal’ sounds, are not ‘normal’ to everyone, says this great ad by the David Lynch Foundation.

Not Special Needs – CoorDown

It’s time to ask yourself: what “special needs” does a person with Down syndrome really have?

1800 Tequila – Just Refined Enough

1800 Tequila is starting up the conversation about what real masculinity is. Is it just handsome men in suits seducing women, or is it maybe something else?

Nike – Power of Love

Graphically stunning, very distinctive and overall a fantastic ad from Nike: Power of Love.

Nike – Equality

In their latest spot, Nike urges everyone to take their sportsmanship, their respect and their fairness and to show it to others not just on the field, but off the field as well.

IBM – H&R Block With IBM Watson

Right from the first second the mysterious box draws your attention. The box is visualized so beautifully that even when the voice-over starts talking about taxes (boring..) you’re inclined to keep on watching the ad until the end.

Heineken – The Invention

In this ninety-second ad, Heineken proudly tells the story behind one of the Netherlands’ greatest inventions.

Harry’s – Meet the Shaving Company That’s Fixing Shaving

Who says that longer videos are not effective anymore? As long as it’s interesting, people will watch it. Like this great story from Harry’s: Meet the Shaving Company That’s Fixing Shaving.

Fiverr – It’s Time to Get Sh*t Done

With their latest inspirational ad, Fiverr inspires entrepreneurs to act and to take their efforts to the next level.

Nike (Apple Watch) – The Man Who Kept Running

Nike turns Kevin Hart into Forrest Gump in their latest hysterical ad for their Apple Watch: “The Man Who Kept on Running” (also be sure to check out the mini videos!)

Bang & Olufsen – Humblebragging

It’s funny and true at the same time. In their latest ad, Bang & Olufsen inspires ‘Humblebragging’; there’s a humblebragger in all of us.

Pantene – Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Strong

In the style of Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want”, Pantene’s latest ad features mixed martial arts champion Ronda Rousey and reminds us that strong is beautiful.

Under Armour – Rule Yourself

“It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light.” It’s the perfect line to Under Armour’s latest masterpiece ‘Rule Yourself’. We always see the victories of top athletes, but Under Armour shows what it really takes to build a legacy.

Scotch & Soda – From Amsterdam, From Everywhere

Perhaps this ad speaks to me even more because I live in Amsterdam, but I just love this manifesto piece from clothing brand Scotch & Soda. “In Amsterdam, we are born knowing there is more out there; a world full of richness we feel compelled to explore.” And that curiosity is what drives the creativity behind Scotch & Soda’s latest campaign.

Adobe – The Launch

Adobe’s latest comical ad calls out to all marketers globally to stop getting distracted by data that doesn’t make a difference. ‘Only act on what matters’. Because if you don’t, all of your efforts might be in vain.

Sony Playstation 4 – The King

This week, Sony came with its latest advertising for Playstation 4: “The King”. The epic 1-minute advert features a king who is tired of his royal duties. Banquets, parties, dinners; they don’t interest him anymore. He feels like he’s destined for more. His greatness awaits.

GoPro – Capture Different

GoPro has one clear message in this latest ad: “Don’t stop what you’re doing to capture what you’re doing. Just keep doing.” The ad is part of their latest campaign ‘Capture Different’ and is summarized perfectly by GoPro’s senior VP of marketing Bryan Johnston: “If we succeed, then we create thousands upon thousands upon millions of 21st-century storytellers.”

The Tale of Thomas Burberry

Through this beautifully made 3-minute video, Burberry tells the story of how Thomas Burberry founded the luxury fashion brand 160 years ago. Experience and enjoy this fashionable and powerful tale of Burberry.

The Swedish Number | +46 771 793 336

How many countries do you know where the locals are the country’s biggest spokespeople? Well, Sweden seems to be one of them. Introducing: the Swedish Number.

Client: Swedish Tourist Association

Agency: Ingo Stockholm

IKEA – Let’s Relax

“It’s a meal, not a competition,” that’s IKEA’s message in this beautiful ad. It imagines a family dinner in the 18th century, back when social media didn’t exist yet. As the family is about to dig in, the father lifts his finger…

Client: IKEA

Agency: Acne

Beats by Dre – “Got No strings”

What better way to present your string-free headphones than to get an all-star cast dance to Pinocchio’s “Got No Strings”? Take a look at how the likes of Pharell, DJ Khaled and many more enjoy Pinocchio’s classic.

Client: Beats by Dre

Agency: Anomaly

Let It Fly – Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic shows that “life doesn’t come to you, so go to it and let it fly.” And like always, they tell their story in their typical rebellious Virgin-way.

Under Armour – I Will What I Want

“I Will What I Want” is an extremely powerful story featuring Gisele Bündchen. The 60 second spot shows that if your will is strong enough, there’s nothing that can stop you.

Rory Sutherland – Perspective is Everything

Perspective is everything. And nobody proves that better than Rory Sutherland. He explains that the circumstances of our lives may matter less than how we see them. This talk is about products, people – perspective. A must for every marketer.